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You've Got A Friend

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ You've Got A Friend ~

You've Got A Friend by Paris Set Me Free
You've Got A Friend, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Facebook's a funny old thing, isn't it? As are 'friends', an even stranger bunch, if you ask me... and I mean that respectfully, it's just that I have to smile when I see some of the messages supposedly emanating from my dearest buddies...

The most curious thing is, I can't remember becoming 'friends' with a lot of them. There's the hairy guy who may or may not be a screaming homosexual / ace grimy street photography dude. There's the one from some nordic country who gives virtually hourly updates on the amount of java he's drinking in between creating whimsical poetry and wistful watercolours. There's the soulful septuagenarian forever having to move home whilst trying to be the great writer, poet and artist she certainly is. Oh, and her heart lies in Paris. Should I go on?

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Oh, alright then. There's the slightly unnerving pro-guns Republican happily balancing out all on his own all the lefty propoganda I received in the lead up to the US election. There's the burlesque dancer and the pole dancer - not the same person - who share some excedingly interesting photos for us all to admire. There's the serial sender of missing person's notifications and the save-such-and-such an animal brigade.

Almost forgot, there's the struggling sensitive young French singer. There's the going underground guy - he literally goes underground in the oddest places at the most unsociable of hours. There's the exuberant and mildly obsessive photographer of nude women al fresco working on her forthcoming book. There's the woman who photographs, and shares, obviously, everything she eats. There's the borderline manic-depressive, oops, sorry, bi-polar person, who wears their heart on their sleeve. There's the game-playing lunatic who informs me of every darn move they make on Farmville, Castleville, Zooville and Anusville for all I know, jeez.

And you know what? Weirdest of all, there's this asocial psychopath who sits in front of his computer like a zombie and thinks Paris is the centre of the known universe, incapable of doing anything other than go on and on and on about it, day after day after wearisome day... how great it is to have friends.

And why not...
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