Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back In Black

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Back In Black ~

Back In Black by Paris Set Me Free
Back In Black, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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The birds, theoretically, spend much less time than we do on this little planet of ours, and yet, ironically, they never seem to get old. They're just there, always and ever, never changing; for all I know the pigeons gathered around my park bench are the same ones I fed in Trafalgar Square as a boy 40 years ago.

They're a constant, almost mocking us as we get grimy and grumpy with their seemingly eternal sheen and spryness. I don't resent them for it though. They're not doing it to spite me, no matter how far my imbibed imagination might wish to anthropomorphise.

I'm quite a fan of crows, the goths of the avian world, too cool in their pure black garb, but suspicious and circumspect, it's true. This one and his reflection was a friend, nevertheless, the time of a snap or two, on my stroll through the Palais Royal gardens. Bring on the birds.

And why not...
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