Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Final Countdown

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Final Countdown ~

The Final Countdown by Paris Set Me Free
The Final Countdown, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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What we see here is part of one of the super-sexy new interactive bus shelters they're trying out in a few spots around the city.

Not only do you get the length of time before your next bus will supposedly roll into view, but a fancy interactive touch screen giving you access to various astute bits of info concerning your meanderings around Paris.

The little countdown gauges remind me of those red traffic lights piloted in certain countries with a countdown before it turns green, shown to reduce road rage and driver frustration. Apparently countdowns on green lights have the opposite effect of getting people to madly put their foot down to get past before it turns red...

I didn't have time to try it out but it looks pretty funky. Wonder if the glass is reinforced because anything silica-based is a juicy target for your average late night yobbo of which there are a certain number along these shores. Although maybe it's secretly filming us at the same time as disseminating info, hmm.

And why not...
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