Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Other Roaring Twenties

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Other Roaring Twenties ~

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Imagine rowdy Romans getting fed to the hungry Christians as the lions laughed on, or something like that, a couple of millennia back and you wouldn't be far wrong.

This is Paris' very own amphitheatre, piffling as it no doubt is when compared to what Rome itself could offer today's reminiscing spectator.

Nowadays it's a battle of the boules you're more likely to see, or an innocent game of hopscotch or footy being the biggest kicking anyone gets.

Long gone are the days of gladiators and glory, but by narrowing your eyes and squeezing your ears slightly you might catch a glimpse that could just have been a wild beast from another time issuing from one of those side entrances to the roars of the crowd and the screams of the victims.

And why not...
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