Saturday, 1 June 2013

Loneliness of the Short Haul Commuter

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~ Loneliness of the Short Haul Commuter ~

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Maybe it's a symptom of the times we live in but whenever I'm like that guy in the corner I can't help wondering if eight grungy guys are gonna do 'a tour' of the passengers and relieve us of our wallets, iPhones and anything else they take a fancy to.

Luckily that's not quite happened to me, not yet, but it has to others. More often the situations much less hairy, as you sit contemplating the rows of empty seats ahead of you, which bizarrely gets you to thinking about life, commuting and everything.

I enjoy commuting and the Paris metro and RER system is almost a second home to me. I've seen new designs come and get run down I don't know how many times. This will always happen.

I was in Chile the other week and was slightly freaked out to find myself aboard a Paris metro trundling through downtown Santiago - seems they'd bought some old stock a while back. Pretty hard to be like this guy over there, the thing always seems to be packed. Anyway.

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