Saturday, 1 June 2013

Never Mind The Bollards

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Never Mind The Bollards ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

(Yet another) street artist hits the, err, bollards and lampposts of the city, in the form of a cut out woman.

It's a little bit cheeky and utterly incomprehensible but then a lot of street art is. Maybe it's one of a series. I mean, it is in that I've seen a couple of other 'women' around Paris but maybe there will be other forms to make things a bit more interesting.

It's the dilemma of the diamond guy who does those mirror diamond things. They're ok, but ultimately ever so samey. So he broke out for his solo show with more variation and 3D elements to the basic shape.

Whether women will find this offensive or men find it titillating I couldn't say. But at least it cheers up what's an otherwise completely banal piece of street furniture, not that it hasn't been done before - remember the spooky eyes someone painted on them a while back?

And why not...
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