Monday, 15 July 2013

Fish Head Foolery

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Fish Head Foolery ~

Fish Head Foolery by Paris Set Me Free
Fish Head Foolery, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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I kind of liked the shape the sky made through the leaves and the statue's contours. The tree, I see in retrospect, is the 'earlobe' tree, or something like that, which is quite rare in Paris and was a question I did for a 25 part quiz on Parc Montsouris a few years back. I'll have to do another one soon, I think, it was fun.

I also processed it quite heavily with an oldie, rather washed out sepia sort of effect, just for a change. Like it or leave it, but I think it's ok.

The statue was awkwardly positioned against the greenery so I couldn't get a better silhouette effect than I have or maybe I'd have gone for that. But then again I didn't want to lose the detail of this busty maiden grappling with a huge fish head (or is she riding it?) - good grief, who dreams up these things? Probably biblical or mythical at the very least. Which is where my knowledge stops, and this post likewise.

And why not...
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