Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Overhauling Eiffel

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Overhauling Eiffel ~

Overhauling Eiffel by Paris Set Me Free
Overhauling Eiffel, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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I'm always pleased to record echoes and repetitions in my pictures. Here we have a picture of Eiffel surmounted by the tower itself. And the phrase 'first floor' appears four times, no less, in one form or another. I didn't actually get around to reading why they are in fact renovating the thing but I understand it's something to do with respecting new environmental norms, whatever they may be.

I remember reading somewhere that the icon was actually slowly but surely sinking under the immense weight of all that iron which, from the point of view of today's technical prowess, is now totally unnecessary to support the structure.

So, they were going to chop bits off, hidden from sight, to lighten the burden. Maybe that's what they're doing. Or just installing some more fast food restaurants to bleed the tourists of a bit more dosh. Bon appétit !

And why not...
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