Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Papapapapapapapa... Parisman!

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Papapapapapapapa... Parisman! ~

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Ahh, boys will be boys.

I could tell you who this is, but this isn't a history blog. Sometimes the mystery is more interesting than the minutiae.

Besides, I can't remember.

Messing around. You've gotta love 'em. Until they bring the whole thing tumbling down.

Did you see those idiot scout leaders last week laddishly toppling a timeless rock formation from its tiny pedestal in the name of safety, and whooping and hi-fiving as though they'd done something admirable? Safety was their excuse. Stupidity was their saviour.

At least they haven't painted him scarlet or chopped his head off. Although it wouldn't be the first time someone had perpetrated such effronteries.

And why not...
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