Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Adventures In Lowlight

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Adventures In Lowlight ~

Adventures In Lowlight by Paris Set Me Free

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If anyone asks you what it means that the light gets 'bluer' at night, just show them this photo, straight out of the box (almost).

The cold, sunless, cloudy, fading daylight contrasts intensely with the orangey yellow tones supplied by the indoor illumination.

I could have used one of the settings on the iPhone app I was using to make it look much more natural and stone-coloured again, but I thought I wouldn't, just for the hell of it.

The horrendous building, by the way, seems to be some sort of 'Préfecture' or major police office or something like that, just for the record. I'd always wondered when I saw it from the other side of the Seine and thought, what the... is that?!

And why not...
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