Saturday, 2 November 2013

Candle Canicular

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Candle Canicular ~

Candle Canicular by Paris Set Me Free
Candle Canicular, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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I'm always pleased to visit a Parisian church, on heaps of different levels.

The first is that, despite not believing in Da Lord or Jesus or all the rest, there is an undeniable peace and serenity to be found within the 'House of God'.

The second is that there is some remarkable artwork on display, not to mention the impressive architecture and sheer grandeur of the thing.

The third is that you can find a sort of microcosm of humanity; on this particular day respectful tourists doing a tour were rubbing shoulders with snoring drunks in the pews and pious believers, arms outstretched, in some sort of ecstasy in front of some sort of representation of their faith.

And then there's me. A sort of extraterrestrial not quite fitting into any of the above categories, but closer to some than to others.

In any case I (paid for and) lit a candle just to keep the tradition going a little longer and took this snap of it you can see above.

Of course I enhanced reality as it looks so much nicer here than in the original vision as seen with the naked eye. My candle's the little one second from the left. So now I've left some sort of mark.

And why not...
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