Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Love-Lorn Lady

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Love-Lorn Lady ~

Love-Lorn Lady by Paris Set Me Free
Love-Lorn Lady, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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What we're looking at here isn't just any old Seine-moored boat. No.

It's actually the only concrete-hulled floating national monument on this part, and probably most parts of this here river.

Now we're supposedly looking at the Péniche Louise-Catherine, a cultural, educational and 'muséal' place, which doesn't change the fact it resembles a bomb site for the time being.

It used to be a flagship of the Salvation Army, complete with fancy elevated gardens and a redesign by Le Corbusier back in the day of 1929, but that was, as I said, back in the day...

Apparently it's being renovated, but, frankly, it's difficult to believe it in its current state.

Now all we have to admire is a floating hulk of a shipwreck, hoping, theoretically, that this once proud and practical vessel will one day again serve some useful purpose. There's a certain irony that it's now as destitute as those to whom it used to offer succour. What goes around comes around...

And why not...
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