Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Monowheeling Maniac

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Monowheeling Maniac ~

Monowheeling Maniac by Paris Set Me Free
Monowheeling Maniac, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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A freak sighting I just had to share. Apologies for the quality, but think of Nessie and your average UFO shot and I think you'll agree I did a fairly good job.

What it seems to be is a sort of motorised wheel upon which you, well, position yourself, feet astride, and rather wobbly, off you go...

This guy was about to put his right foot up onto it and weave off into the sunset. I can't say I'm convinced, having tasted the joys of rollerblading, but I accept that there will always be new ways to travel and this sure is one of them.

While about as dangerous as I get these days is listening to Ministry's 'Just One Fix' very loud on headphones - I know, I know - I can still appreciate the thrill of the new and might even give it a try if I didn't think my dodgy shoulder would dislocate at the slightest provocation. Let me know if you do. What's it called? Monowheeling? Well, it is now!

And why not...
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