Wednesday, 20 November 2013

One Euro Or Two

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ One Euro Or Two ~

One Euro Or Two by Paris Set Me Free
One Euro Or Two, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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It's quite a little business, this wandering the wagons of the RER, placing your paper, wandering a bit more and then coming back to pick up the offerings.

Not that many people leave much, but occasionally they do I suppose, or they wouldn't bother doing it.

Invariably Romanian types are the wandering tikes, and I can't say I envy their calling.

I've never seen anyone give a restaurant ticket, despite the fact that they ask for them unceasingly. But a restaurant ticket is worth seven or eight euros so it's perhaps not surprising.

Am I being cynical when I wonder if the number of brothers/sisters/children these people have varies depending on the perceived gullibility of the target audience?

There ain't no God gonna protect me anywhere, anyhow, I'm afraid...

Maybe one day I'll leave a euro but so far the urge hasn't taken me, although I do give, when the cause seems right.

And why not...
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