Monday, 2 December 2013

Cormorant. Cormorant. Cormorant.

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Cormorant. Cormorant. Cormorant. ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

I was chatting to a bird-spotting colleague of mine the other day and our conversation went something like this:

"I saw a curious looking bird on the Seine the other..."
"And it was this big black thing and very impressive and just sitting there and..."
"Oh, and I took this picture of them - check it out..."

So there you have it, and a quick Google search for... you guessed it, cormorants would appear to bear out my colleague's quick off the mark prognosis.

This picture was as good as I could get with my little iPhone on a grey grey day, but you get the idea. Cormorants. Three of them.

And why not...
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