Sunday, 8 December 2013

Que Dieu Vous Protège

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Que Dieu Vous Protège ~

Que Dieu Vous Protège by Paris Set Me Free

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

If you take one of the suburban trains - the RERs - for any length of time, you'll come across the card crawlers.

They pass discretely, leaving their calling card for a minute or two before returning to amass the hoped for alms.

The story's always the same. Homeless. Multiple siblings or offspring to support. Blessings from God for me and my family. And the demand for cash or a luncheon voucher.

There are hundreds of them and I can't see it paying because people rarely seem to give. Travellers fundamentally don't like being hassled on their weary journeys, I guess. And it all seems so well organised and regimented. Too much like a business. I mean, would you give?

And why not...
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