Monday, 15 August 2016

Balloon New World

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Balloon New World ~


BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

What I've got is a few pics hanging over from where I left off two years ago, about 150 square shots which I've put on Instragram and used for some English vocabulary and grammar quizzes, and a whole load of other stuff hanging around that I haven't done anything with. Where to start!

Well this'll do. In a period of despondency and disillusionment, wandering around the Esplanade des Invalides, what should I see but a tree, in the midst of autumn, which has quite clearly decided to say "Fuck that!" to the norms of the leafless season!

That cheered me up a lot, from what I can remember, and this is typical of some of the best shots: you can't predict them and you can't hurry them. You just have to be ready and willing to wander around with your eyes, mind and heart open and See What Happens. And it always does in the end...

And why not...
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