Saturday, 13 May 2017

Morbleu Marine

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~ Morbleu Marine ~

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Goodness. No, I'm not talking about the subject of this photo, nor what we should exhibit towards her. I'm thinking: "Goodness, has it really been another almost a year since I last tried to kick start may favourite blog of them all?" Yep, this one.

As for Marine, I'm neither for nor against her for the purposes of this post. Let the picture(s) speak and your imagination do the rest.

There's always something melancholy about post election posters. All that energy, that passion, that earnestness - real or imagined - reduced in the space of a day to so much peeling propaganda for all but one.

What's it all for? Did we "Choose France" in as much as that has any meaning, which it doesn't of course. And I can't vote here anyway.

Do we really believe we "chose" our president through the electoral process and can now relax knowing that our will has been done and that our future is in the safe hands of our democratic system? Does anyone actually have the slightest idea what the frog is going on in this godforsaken country or planet for that matter? Just asking.

And why not...
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