About i

Come on in. Come on down.

My universe is here and waiting for you. It's a sort of strange mixture of human being and bizarre humanity, all mixed up, chewed around and spat out by that curiously creative city called Paris.

Only you can decide if it was worth the ride.

i've had a mixed ride, but as far as Paris is concerned, it seems that i'm here for the duration. Until it's time in any case.

Want to join me on this journey? That's great! Not your thing? Well that's fine too.

In any case i'll be doing my best to shove stuff up on a regular basis and would love more than anything to have your feedback and reactions - im counting on you!

Now, where did I put that crappy little camera-phone-thing I'm supposed to be taking deep and searingful fotos with? Ahh yes, there it is...
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