iPhone & i

i try to think of myself as neither a geek, nor a freak, although I may by somewhat obsessed... by Paris and the photographing of said ville.

Having said that, since I got the Apple communication device, having had a real piece of crap before, I can only say I'm amazed.

[Warning: geeky paragraph coming up]
i learnt my computer abilities on PCs and i've never, ever belonged to any group of users who feel that the particular brand of computer or camera or coffee maker they use is the best. So the fact that i happen to have discovered the iPhone at this point in time, as tons of other manufacturers are bringing out equally amazing beasts, is really totally by chance. But, nevertheless, i can't deny that i love what you can do with the Apple iPhone, and it's given me a certain stimulus which i needed at this point in time to give my Paris photography a new challenge and impetus.

So that's the background to why this new blog. i hope you like it and will let me know what you think. Your comments are what makes it all worthwhile. Thanks.
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