i & Me Blogs

i have three artisticly creative blogs and i'm desperately trying to stop it there. It's not easy.

Two of them are closely related, while the other has a wider artistic brief, although it does include a specific type of highly personal, and personalised, photography:
Paris Set Me Free
This is a creative photo blog, specialising in Paris street photography, aimed at anyone who either wants to see artistic photos of Paris, learn new creative street photography techniques, or both.

Paris and I
This is a new endeavour, fuelled by the aquisition of an Apple iPhone which is wildly more advanced than any other phone i have ever owned, along with a lurking need to get back to the basics of photography and see what i can do with a relatively simple camera, albeit with a ridiculously modern twist.

Mystic Rhythms
And finally, this is where i allow free rein to my other artistic endeavours: please be indulgent when looking at my abstract paintings (Infinity Squared), my perturbing poetry (My Reality) and my strange photographic self portraits which are in the process of charting a life...
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